4/30/12 - Lo viste? 'Me viste,' says this Marlins fan
Miami's long-distance high five now extends to the stands at Marlins Park.
4/30/12 - Mets cowboy up for ride into Houston
Sheriff R.A. Dickey and his posse saddled up for Houston on Sunday.
4/30/12 - Field of dreams ... in tattoos
Mike McWain has the coolest baseball tattoos ever.
4/30/12 - Check out Mitchell Boggs' awesome, terrible 'stache ...
“I have no control over it. But I do know that it’s a mix of awesome and terrible all rolled into one.”
4/29/12 - Bob Uecker meets the L.A. Kings in St. Louis
Turns out the legendary Brewers broadcaster is also a hockey fan.
4/29/12 - Calling Dr. Love? He's at Marlins Park
If you're paging your doctor of love, he's in Miami along with a gorilla and an orange man.
4/29/12 - Beware of Moose X-ing at Target Field
Even at Target Field, wearing antlers and a Moooooose T-shirt can attract The Moustakas.
4/29/12 - Eric Decker takes his hacks at Coors Field
Decker -- who was drafted by MLB teams in both 2008 and '09 -- took in Sunday's Rockies game with new teammate Peyton Manning.
4/29/12 - Braves fans tie the knot at Turner Field
We can only assume home plate ump Doug Eddings officiated the ceremony.
4/29/12 - We thought the World Series trophy was a bit bigger
Four fans go a great distance to secure replica St. Louis Cardinals World Series trophies.
4/29/12 - Reporter professes her love to David Freese. On a coaster.
St. Louis TV host hits on David Freese instead of interviewing him.
4/29/12 - Kool & the Cardinals celebrate good times
Erik Komatsu caught a ceremonial first offering from Robert "Kool" Bell before Sunday's game at Busch Stadium.
4/29/12 - Brian Cashman goes undercover with the Bleacher Creatures
Brian Cashman helped out with the Yankees roll call today.
4/29/12 - Derek Jeter was once a basketball phenom?
Couple arrived at Yankees game with photo of Jeter playing basketball.
4/29/12 - Who's on first? Yu!
Yu Darvish is the star of the Rangers very funny new ad campaign.
4/29/12 - The corsage better have been a rosin bag ...
High school couple spends prom night at Rangers Ballpark.
4/29/12 - Let's talk about Bryce Harper's hair ...
Harper tossed his helmet between first and second last night to reveal ... uh, guys, what is that?
4/28/12 - Joe Maddon's pooch joins Twitter
Joe Maddon's dog Winston Churchill Maddon I is now on Twitter.
4/28/12 - Busch Stadium edible power rankings: Edition 1
Fans vote on their favorite Busch Stadium treats.
4/28/12 - Fredbird's got bling, yo
The Cardinals ascot shows off his championship ring.
4/28/12 - Think you know your Rangers? You've got nothing on Ian Kinsler
Ian Kinsler tells Emily Jones what he thinks about "Rangers Most Likely."
4/28/12 - We chord-ially introduce you to the batolin
Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to the batolin.
4/27/12 - A Twin-size welcome home
A mother and girlfriend welcome a special Twins fan home.
4/27/12 - Who needs birthday cake when Josh Hamilton is around?
Josh Hamilton hits a 2-run home run on Friday night.
4/27/12 - Halloween in Miami ... in April?
Two fans at the Miami Marlins game go for non-traditional game attire.
4/27/12 - A Happy Day for Marion Ross in Toronto
What was Mrs. Cunningam doing at the Blue Jays game on Friday?
4/27/12 - Chris Parmelee goes 12 rounds with Iron Mike
The Twins first baseman feels fine after getting hit by a pitch
4/27/12 - Andrew McCutchen does a solid Cleveland Brown impression
But has the Pirates center fielder had his high school jersey number retired?
4/27/12 - The thoughts of Yu are often expressed via emoticon
Yu Darvish has a fondness for using emoticons to replace words in his blog posts.
4/27/12 - Don Orsillo learns that mittens don't have fingers
Jerry Remy clues in his NESN partner on the recent trends in hand fashion.
4/27/12 - Doubront to Salty: 'Let's hug it out'
Salty and Doubront share awkward man hug.
4/26/12 - Eppley jams to Daughtry show at Fan Cave
Yankees pitcher Cody Eppley spent time with the nine Cave Dwellers.
4/26/12 - 9021-Ohhh no
Not exactly a strike down the middle, actress Kathleen Robertson throws out the first pitch.
4/26/12 - Rangers fans want apology. Do they deserve one?
Are older fans obligated to hand over a souvenir baseball to a youngster?
4/26/12 - Super Bowl champ Ballard has some experience on the mound
The Giants tight end chatted about his (brief) baseball career Thursday at Citi Field.
4/26/12 - Girl from The Ring throws out Japanese first pitch, collapses
Did something get lost in translation, or is this movie a dark comedy?
4/26/12 - Buy me some peanuts and a pulled pork parfait
Even serious foodies are taking notice of these ballpark delicacies.
4/26/12 - Josh Willingham welcomes possible future Major Leaguer
Congratulations ... it's a baby boy!
4/26/12 - Daughtry rocks out at the Fan Cave
The band played "It's Not Over," "Crawling Back To You," "September," and then, for the first time in a live acoustic setting, "Outta My Head."
4/26/12 - Called out on TV: Fan snags foul ball, kid cries
Rangers fan steals foul ball from screaming child
4/26/12 - Sharon Robinson meets with essay winners in Detroit
Daughter of Jackie Robinson meets with talented young kids.
4/25/12 - Brian Wilson totally back to normal after Tommy John surgery
Brian Wilson arm repaired, but sanity is still in serious condition.
4/25/12 - USC Song Girls fight on at Dodger Stadium
Is that Chavez Ravine or the Coliseum?
4/25/12 - The 25th anniversary is Twins tickets, right?
Hometown couple celebrates their 25th Wedding Anniversary at Target Field.
4/25/12 - Caution: Rangers fanhood may cause excessive hair growth
A gorilla and the world's scariest Smurf walk into a ballpark ...
4/25/12 - Derek Holland has the best mustache in baseball
Derek Holland's mustache has it's own commercial.
4/25/12 - The national anthem? George Costanza says it's simple physics
Jason Alexander sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley Field.
4/25/12 - Baseball's oldest living player turns 101
Conrado Marrero, who pitched for the Washington Senators from 1950-54 after a long career in Cuba, turned 101 on Wednesday.
4/25/12 - Phillies fans hijack Chase Field scoreboard
Why was #GoDbacks trending in Philadelphia this afternoon?
4/25/12 - Welcome to the Jim Leyland Comedy Hour
"I hope I'm upright in nine years. I don't care how long we signed Prince for!"
4/25/12 - Marlins president also stars in Three Stooges
David Samson has a small role in the new Farelly brothers comedy.
4/25/12 - James Shields gives foster children a second chance
The Rays right-hander helps make memories at the Big Game James Club.
4/25/12 - Oakland Coliseum bleachers headbang for Balfour
A's fans rage to Metallica's One when their closer enters the game.
4/25/12 - Pie ninja A.J. Burnett dishes on Intentional Talk
The Bucs right-hander talks hitting, piercings and everyone's favorite walk-off tradition.
4/25/12 - Think you can throw harder than 49-year-old Jamie Moyer?
Eighty-five fans have tried to hit 78 mph at Ft. Myers Miracle games. Zero have succeeded.
4/25/12 - Ever wonder why Cutch's dreads are so immaculate?
Only a chance at hoisting the World Series trophy would make Andrew McCutchen trim his hair.
4/25/12 - Yu comes up big -- on the mound and in the stands
Mr. Darvish had it going on all over Rangers Ballpark on Tuesday.
4/25/12 - Nationals Mascot + Fighter Pilots = Awesome
Screech visited Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Tuesday.
4/25/12 - Hey kid, switch that Mohawk to Sedona red!
Great hustle by this youngster, even if the D-backs ditched their purple unis a few years back.
4/25/12 - The Philadelphia ... Luchadores?
Two Phillies fans with unusual headgear in Arizona.
4/25/12 - Reds host Kentucky national championship trophy and Turtle?
Reds fans stopped by to catch a glimpse of Kentucky's national championship trophy at GABP.
4/25/12 - Michael Jordan sighting at Wrigley
Michael Jordan took in the Cardinals-Cubs game Tuesday night.
4/25/12 - Can Weeks really ask for a better teacher than Rickey?
Rickey Henderson lends his legendary knowledge to Jemile Weeks.
4/24/12 - Introducing the Aussie Athletics
Monday, the Athletics became the first team in MLB history to feature three Aussies at the same time
4/24/12 - Legendary Mets groundskeeper enjoying retired life
Original Mets groundskeeper Pete Flynn takes in a game.
4/24/12 - An Orioles fan shows off her original lucky cap
O's fan, Kristen from Glen Burnie, Md., shows off her unique gameday outfit.
4/24/12 - A couple of Bucks showing their support for the Brew Crew
Drew Gooden and Mike Dunleavy of the Milwaukee Bucks were on hand for Tuesday's Brewers-Astros game.
4/24/12 - This fan probably regrets his Tim Tebow Rockies jersey purchase
The only solution: No. 18 Peyton Manning in Rockies home white.
4/24/12 - Jamie Moyer takes a breather after recess with the kids
Jamie Moyer has to take a breather after running around with the kids.
4/24/12 - This proposal to Mat Gamel brought to you by Kohl's?
We wonder if these two girls are already registered at the major retailer.
4/24/12 - Hanley to Mets crowd: "Na-na na-na boo-boo"
After fans booed Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez took the high road and booed right back.
4/24/12 - This fan will go ANYWHERE to see Albert Pujols hit a home run
Angels fan Chris from La Puenta drove 2,500 miles to St. Petersburg in an attempt to witness Albert's first homer as a Halo.
4/24/12 - Men honored at Citi Field for saving a family from burning building
Two sanitation workers who rescued a family from a burning building threw out the first pitch at Tuesday's Mets game.
4/24/12 - Happy 45th birthday to Omar Vizquel
The legendary shortstop only has four more years to catch Jamie Moyer.
4/24/12 - It's a ruff life for Jay Bruce, but someone has to do it
Jay Bruce has found his new BFF, although he's a bit furrier than one would expect.
4/24/12 - Guthrie treats cancer survivor to game of catch
Woody Roseland found out his cancer treatment was finished and played catch with Jeremy Guthrie all in one day.
4/24/12 - Where Brandon Phillips learns how to sumo wrestle
Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips partakes in an unusual pregame ritual.
4/24/12 - Wondering which Ranger is most likely to win the rodeo?
It's David Murphy. Oh, and Michael Young will bail you out of jail.
4/24/12 - Mark Buehrle and friends return the Today Show favor
The Marlins came bearing gifts for Hoda and Willie on Tuesday.
4/23/12 - Good thing this fan brought a glove
Andruw Jones warms up in the ninth with a lucky Rangers fan.
4/23/12 - This man is HOUSING a Boomstick
This is how you consume a one-pound, two-foot-long hot dog.
4/23/12 - Jay-Z, Hanley hang in New York
Is Jay and 'Ley the new Jay and 'Ye?
4/23/12 - Imposter! Lincecum, Wilson doppelgangers spotted at Citi Field
Tim Lincecum is on the mound -- but also in the stands -- as the Giants take on the Mets.
4/23/12 - Justin Verlander has a free day in NYC. WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?
The Tigers ace needs something cool to do on his day off. What would you recommend?
4/23/12 - CM Punk will bring Voice of the Voiceless to Wrigley Field
The WWE Champ will take his strap out to the ballgame on May 7.
4/23/12 - Kristen Stewart rocks the Oriole bird at Coachella
That's weird -- her Baltimore snap-back looks just like the one Robert Pattinson always wears.
4/23/12 - Casey (Affleck) at the bat
Ben's younger bro hung with Andrew McCutchen at PNC Park on Sunday.
4/22/12 - Pride comes before the ball for young Royals fan
This young Royals fan decided that he had no use for a foul ball hit by Toronto's Edwin Encarnacion on Sunday and threw his souvenir back onto the Kauffman Stadium field.
4/22/12 - Where have you gone ... Matt Geiger?
All Rays first baseman Carlos Pena was trying to do was catch a foul ball during the eighth inning Sunday.
4/22/12 - A hero's welcome at Minute Maid Park
John Pyle's Run Across America to support the Wounded Warrior Project passed through Houston on Sunday.
4/22/12 - Now you can wear Larry Bernandez's face on your shirt
You too can now dress as Felix Hernandez's alter ego.
4/22/12 - Rays grounds crew also possibly America's best dance crew
Rays ground crews shows off its finest dance moves.
4/22/12 - When batting practice turns into flight school
When Manny Parra and Marco Estrada aren't pitching, they moonlight as pilots.
4/22/12 - This is what it's like after you throw a perfect game
Behind-the-scenes footage of Humber's perfect game.
4/22/12 - We must-ache the question...
The A's hosted a Mustache Madness contest.
4/21/12 - Pitcher perfect
4/21/12 - FEEL THE LOVE! Humber's peers offer their congratulations
This is one of those rare moments that makes Twitter explode.
4/21/12 - He doesn't always attend Mets games ...
The Mets have their version of Fireman Ed.
4/21/12 - Root, root, root for Dan Patrick
The radio host sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley Field.
4/21/12 - John Travolta's got nothing on this moose
Mariner Moose shows off his disco moves and white suit on the Mariners' dugout.
4/21/12 - Santa Claus + Smurf = This guy
A Brewers fan at Miller Park shows off his haircut.
4/21/12 - The Swingin' "Mini" A's
A's fans Mike and Tony show off their miniature Swingin' A's.
4/20/12 - Someone please point John Axford to the bullpen
Brewers reliever has a doppelganger at Miller Park.
4/20/12 - What are the odds?
One day, three bizarre plays.
4/20/12 - Got Melk?
Giants fan poses with "Got Melk?" sign in New York.
4/20/12 - Whatcha gonna do, brother?
Hulkamania invades Queens.
4/20/12 - Chris Johnson was born this way
Collect 15 hits in your first 12 games, and you can wear whatever you want.
4/20/12 - Karim Garcia who?
During Friday's Fenway fete, Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez called out Karim Garcia during their toast to fans.
4/20/12 - Throwback throwdown
The Yankees and Red Sox will don these amazing throwback uniforms to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.
4/19/12 - Bills RB Fred Jackson uses his arm for a change
Buffalo Bills' RB Fred Jackson throws out first pitch in minor league game.
4/19/12 - Joe Maddon is a man in demand
Self-deprecating Torontonian, Emma, makes a birthday wish to meet Joe Maddon.
4/19/12 - Just kid-ing around on The South Side
Kid runs onto the field during White Sox game.
4/19/12 - The Cards (New) Secret Weapon
Cards reliever Jason Motte found inspiration from an unlikely source- lifelong Redbirds fan Jacque Niekamp, who made sure he didn't give up.
4/19/12 - Happy Birthday, Billy Butler!
Billy Butler turned 26 today, and was greeted by an excited young fan.
4/19/12 - Hardcore Giants fan apparel
Giants fan dazzles the bleachers with her jacket.
4/19/12 - WE ARE...put a shirt on
Mariners diehards spell out WE ARE FANS
4/19/12 - Yankees hosted the Twins in more ways than one
Twins on the field, twins in the stands. So many twins!
4/18/12 - Where everyone is a bobblehead...
Strange things are happening at the Bobblehead Museum at Marlins Park.
4/18/12 - Paul Konerko interacts with his non-human fans
Nothing to see here. Just Paul Konerko signing autographs for...a dog?
4/18/12 - Poetry at the park
Lance Berkman gets a poetry lesson.
4/18/12 - Bo Knows First Pitch
Bo Jackson - considered by many as one of the greatest all-around athletes of all-time - threw out the first pitch Wednesday before the Mets-Braves game at Turner Field.
4/18/12 - One for the aged: On Jamie Moyer's historic victory
The 49-year-old's peers offer their congratulations on Twitter.
4/18/12 - Wally is the life of the party
Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster visited the MLB Fan Cave on Tuesday and proceeded to ...
4/18/12 - Brian Wilson looks healthy to us
This young fan does his best Brain Wilson impression.
4/17/12 - Please tell Robbie Ross Halloween is still six months away
Texas rookie Robbie Ross does the walk of shame at Fenway.
4/17/12 - Omar Benson Miller investigates Nationals Park
Omar Benson Miller visits Nationals Park
4/17/12 - Nuns love the White Sox
Add the Chicago White Sox to the long list of "Things nuns love."
4/17/12 - You're so hands-ome
Zambrano and Soto share a secret language.
4/17/12 - This is what happens with an unfiltered audience
When they see something worth noting, they will not hesitate to call you out on it.
4/17/12 - Reminder: Always remove glasses before applying eye drops
Nats fan makes historic gaffe.
4/17/12 - Buster's best pitch came from behind the plate
Buster Posey never thought he would be a catcher.
4/17/12 - D-backs fans already playing Gold Glove defense
One fan flashed the backhand leather on a slick grab, only to be upstaged by a barehanded, pizza-saving snag two innings later.
4/17/12 - Padres fans make pilgrimage to Coors Field
After giving up baseball for Lent, this Padres fan and his wife traveled to Coors Field to see the Friars.
4/16/12 - Sounds like Larry Fitzgerald is sticking to the gridiron
Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals visit the D-backs.
4/16/12 - This is one of the strangest foul balls you will ever see
Ever seen a baseball do this? We didn't think so.
4/16/12 - Bones Jones has some tips for your next bench-clearing brawl
The UFC light heavyweight champ stopped by the MLB Fan Cave on Monday to dish on Shelley Duncan and how to defending the pitchers mound.
4/16/12 - Move over Gaga. "Crazy Legs" has got moves
"Crazy Legs" isn't just a Kettle Corn vendor, but also one of the more entertaining characters at AT&T Park.
4/16/12 - Hey Mitt, did you bring your mitt?
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took in the Patriots' Day affair between the Rays and Red Sox at Fenway Park.
4/16/12 - Maddon gets Real with HBO
On the field, he is known for his cool glasses and uncanny moves.
4/16/12 - It's all fun and games until you bring deep dish into the equation
You can knock the ivy, bring up Blago and mention the World Series drought, but DO NOT hate on Wrigleyville 'za.
4/16/12 - Choking? A Verlander fastball to the chest can fix that!
Check out the ace's alternative to the Heimlich.
4/16/12 - How a "boring" Yanks-ChiSox game spurred a Bronx tradition
Bleacher Creature "Bald" Vinny Milano explains the origins of Yankee Stadium's pregame Roll Call.
4/16/12 - Tebow, Wade get booed at Yankee Stadium
The Jets' new QB didn't get a warm reception in the Bronx last night.
4/15/12 - A Grand gesture to honor Jackie
Curtis Granderson auctioning off game-worn cleats.
4/15/12 - Hair-owing
Safeco ushers have epic hairstyles
4/15/12 - Tribute to No. 42, from those whose lives he changed forever
Players tweet their respects on Jackie Robinson Day.
4/15/12 - Cards pay homage to championship critter
The Cardinals added an image of the famed "rally squirrel" to their World Series rings.
4/15/12 - Uh, which way?
Uh, which way?
4/15/12 - A pretty cool tribute to No. 42
Adam Jones will rock these special cleats in honor of Jackie Robinson.
4/15/12 - Heroes for hire
Matt Treanor prefers TV show theme songs for his walk-up music.
4/15/12 - Got one hand on my daughter and the other one is grabbing a foul
This Giants fan is also said to have the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time.
4/14/12 - You're looking glove-ly today
Alcides Escobar models a rather large glove.
4/14/12 - Here comes...the foul ball?
Adam and Rachel Johnson tie the knot in the parking lot of U.S. Cellular Field.
4/14/12 - In his sun-day best
Chris Snyder takes advantage of the Marlins retractable roof.
4/14/12 - Someone's ready for an Imperial March
Mariners fans don Star Wars gear to "support King Felix."
4/14/12 - Mariners fan steals second, earns moment with dad
Kyle Smerer gets surprised by father.
4/13/12 - Not your typical Giant5 fan
Giants fan pays homage to house-music producer.
4/13/12 - Friday the 13th got a little groovy in Philly
No need to be scared of Friday the 13th in Philadelphia.
4/13/12 - Un-Common occurrence
Common throws out the first pitch to begin the White Sox 2012 home opener.
4/13/12 - Mr. Met, the actor?
Mr. Met makes an appearance on NBC's 30 Rock.
4/13/12 - One heartfelt moment in San Francisco
Tyler Stow fires ceremonial first pitch before Giants' hope opener.
4/13/12 - It's not easy being pinstriped, either
"No, Kermit, I can't make the Second Avenue Subway stop at Sesame Street."
4/13/12 - Miggy thinks outside the (batter's) box
If nothing else, Detroit's third baseman knows his way around home plate.
4/13/12 - Today's Giants home opener is an orange-tie affair
San Fran fans are all done up in their Friday best at AT&T Park.
4/13/12 - Time to update your championship jackets, Cards fans
Looks like you're all set on the World Series hat front.
4/13/12 - It's a Morneau ball for a Morneau fan
Jan Tinklenberg received a souvenir from one of her favorite players during Thursday's Twins game.
4/13/12 - Ever seen a horse talk to a penguin?
The Dallas Zoo visits Rangers Ballpark for Wildlife Education Day.
4/13/12 - Here's a photo of Big Ben taking a photo at Yankee Stadium
The Steelers quarterback is on hand for the Bronx Bombers' home opener on Friday.
4/13/12 - Man named Bear throws fire-ball
Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls - the host of Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild - delivers a fiery first pitch prior to Thursday's Pirates-Dodgers game.
4/12/12 - Bat-man makes the catch
Rangers fan talks about catching Josh Hamilton's bat.
4/12/12 - Stephen Strasburg with his shirt off is "some kinda chiseled"
Nationals broadcaster F.P. Santangelo doesn't think Stephen is eating many StrasBurgers.
4/12/12 - Tommy Hunter swings big, with everything he's got ...
The Orioles right-hander calls his shot with Babe Ruth's bat from 1927 at the Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore.
4/12/12 - Rockies fans seeing purple at Coors Field
Who knew Troy Tulowitzki was so into ballet?
4/12/12 - Rangers Ballpark becomes the Arlington Zoo
It's Wildlife Education Day at Rangers Ballpark, where a whole bunch of critters -- from owls to alligators -- participated in a pregame presentation.
4/12/12 - Do you want ketchup on that in a kid-in-a-blanket?
Five-year-old Marianna Lenz earned her ninth souvenir baseball on Thursday thanks to a special ballpark costume.
4/12/12 - Rain delay can't burst Baltimore's bubble
Orioles play around with gum during their rain delay.
4/12/12 - It's that Michael Kay underwear ad you've been waiting for ...
The YES Network crew has a little fun with Michael Kay, superimposing his head onto Jim Palmer's body.
4/11/12 - Come ketch-up with the Yankees
Yankees giveaway on April 18 is a tomato seed packet.
4/11/12 - Meet the Oriole Rob-bird
The Oriole Bird snatches a snack off the top of this young fan's head.
4/11/12 - Tallest Mets fan ever?
Seven-footer Lopez takes in batting practice from Citi Field.
4/11/12 - Phear the Phanatic
Phanatic tries to intimidate Hanley Ramirez
4/11/12 - A grand jam
4/11/12 - Author, Mr. Cub want you to take them out to the ballgame
John Grisham and Ernie Banks serenade the Cubs crowd during today's game against the Brewers.
4/11/12 - Introducing Tina Turner Phanatic
The Phanatic has done it again.
4/11/12 - What a sur-pies!
Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur shocks Oakland fans and delivers pizza to them during Bacon Tuesday.
4/11/12 - Blue Jays grounds crew jumps the gun
A foul ball causes some confusion during the fifth inning at Rogers Centre.
4/11/12 - Costas weighs in on Guillen punishment
The MLB Network host spoke with Dan Patrick this morning about Ozzie Guillen's suspension.
4/11/12 - You get stats, he gets a ball deploys statisticians to every ballpark.
4/11/12 - Watch Evan Longoria get his daredevil on
The Rays third baseman can now tell people that he's cartwheeled tail-over-nose three times in a plane and lived to tell about it.
4/11/12 - Jeff Francoeur brings home the bacon in Oakland
A's fans love bacon and Jeff Francoeur.
4/11/12 - Ringing in the new year
Blue Jays manager John Farrell and pitcher Ricky Romero make a visit to the Canadian Stock Exchange
4/10/12 - Is this Yankees fan the next member of Blue Man Group?
A young Bombers supporter in Baltimore last night already had the Blue Man uniform down.
4/10/12 - You're outta there!
This fan, who we assume is rather chilly, leaves Jacoby Ellsbury a little perplexed.
4/10/12 - Birds of a feather all stick together
Think this guy hates the Yankees?
4/10/12 - GM(an)'s best friend
Mets GM Sandy Alderson loves his dog, Buddy.
4/10/12 - Wei-Yin Chen fans bring Taiwanese flair to Camden Yards
Fans fly the Taiwanese flag in Baltimore.
4/10/12 - Captain in Chief?
A Yankees fan campaigns for Jeter 2012.
4/10/12 - Josh Thole is Mr. Congeniality
Mets catcher poses with beauty queens.
4/10/12 - Jeremy Guthrie just wants someone to play catch with
The Rockies pitcher needs a friend.
4/10/12 - This man has a million reasons to smile
Brandon Phillips smiles for a photographer following the press conference announcing his new 6-year, $72.5 million deal.
4/10/12 - Houston, we have a throwback
Here is a peek at the hot Colt .45s uniform the Astros will trot out on Tuesday night.
4/10/12 - Rescue Me: Is Leary stuck in The Monster?
Actor and life-long Red Sox fan Denis Leary visited Fenway Park on Tuesday.
4/10/12 - This is what Smoked Cardinal looks like
Mr. Reds Smokehouse has a different food item for every team that comes to Cincinnati.
4/10/12 - Hair you go, Cardinals!
A young fan shows off his amazing Cardinals-flavored mohawk before a game in Milwaukee.
4/10/12 - E-Jax makes his best pitch at the drums
Edwin Jackson gives the MLB Fan Cave drumset a twirl during a visit Tuesday.
4/10/12 - Kemp to Conan: I'd beat Magic on the hardwood
The Dodgers' center fielder names himself a two-point pickup hoops favorite over new owner Magic Johnson. WHO YA GOT?
4/10/12 - NASCAR driver makes debut for Royals
The Coliseum's scoreboard crew has some fun with Alex Gordon's name.
4/10/12 - Ian Sagabaen has to be greatest sign-maker in MLB history
Who knew Brick Tamland was such a big A's fan?
4/10/12 - It's Magic's Kingdom, and he's darn proud of it
Johnson has some kind words for his latest investment.
4/10/12 - We're not even mad at you, Baxter
Mets pinch-hitter slips rounding third.
4/10/12 - So you think you can dance ... and catch a homer?
Rangers fan Trent Williams catches Hamilton's homer, does The Sprinkler.
4/9/12 - Does the mascot come with the car?
Peter Lichty from Kitchener, Ontario, won a new car on Honda Opening Night in Toronto.
4/9/12 - Chipper's a cowboy, on the steel horse he rides
Someday, Chipper Jones and Craig Biggio will be neighbors in Cooperstown.
4/9/12 - Look, it's a Darvish-ganger
"Minivish" was in attendance for Yu Darvish's MLB debut on Monday at Rangers Ballpark.
4/9/12 - The Heat is on ... Emily Jones
Fox Southwest reporter Emily Jones and Mike Napoli made a friendly wager.
4/9/12 - Nothing like an Opening Day flyover
A B-52 Bomber appears out of thin air before the Twins' home opener Monday.
4/9/12 - Brian Wilson's fan club is alive in Colorado
The Fear the Beard epidemic has spread to the Mile High City.
4/9/12 - Big green dancing machine
The Phillies rallied for a couple runs in the bottom of the seventh inning Monday while this guy got his groove on atop the home dugout.
4/9/12 - Pablo Sandoval and Willie Bloomquist might not be BFFs
Willie may have awoken a sleeping Panda during the seventh inning yesterday.
4/9/12 - Unforgettable day for O's fan
This young Orioles fan caught J.J. Hardy's homer on Sunday.
4/9/12 - Jim Leyland has "no clue" who's starting this weekend
You want the ball? You've got five days to convince the skipper ...
4/8/12 - Roger that, rabbit
Bunny ears were everywhere to be found in The Show on Easter Sunday.
4/8/12 - CAPTION THIS: A tradition like no other
It's Masters Sunday. Which ball did Padres right fielder Jeremy Hermida catch?
4/8/12 - The Boomstick ... in the flesh
The Boomstick is real and it is glorious. Ranger fans admire the biggest hot dog in baseball during Sunday's game.
4/8/12 - They left us too soon
Today would have been birthdays for two Hall of Famers that left us too soon.
4/8/12 - Who's Crockett and who's Tubbs?
The Marlins got some serious swag.
4/8/12 - Who's the dude in the pink bowtie?
Fans got to meet the Easter Bunny at Camden Yards on Sunday.
4/8/12 - MLB and Easter: Like two eggs in a basket
MLB players took to Twitter to express their love for Easter Sunday.
4/8/12 - Reds bunny hoppy to be at the ballpark
Fans were greeted by a special surprise when they arrived at Great American Ball Park on Easter.
4/8/12 - Doesn't Patty look eggcellent?
Rays fan host Patty from Bradenton has her Easter Bunny ears on.
4/8/12 - Actor 'hungers' to deliver first pitch
Hunger Games star and Union, Kentucky, native Josh Hutcherson threw the first pitch before Saturday's Reds game.
4/8/12 - Now batting, Pirate Parrot
With Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence "behind the plate," Pirate Parrot is ready to take his cuts.
4/8/12 - Fiery Rangers fan ready to wig out
We believe this young man goes by the moniker "Flash the Stache."
4/8/12 - Action Jackson teaches A's the fast break
Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson watches BP with A's manager Bob Melvin on Saturday.
4/8/12 - Nothing like "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" on an organ
A's organist Dan Rodowicz plays a live version of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame.
4/8/12 - An Idol comes home to The Trop
Prior to Saturday's Yankees-Rays game at Tropicana Field, we caught up with American Idol finalist Shannon Magrane.
4/8/12 - Yankee fan interferes on Yankees' behalf; Rays win anyway
Longoria's home run reversed to double, but Tampa Bay gets last laugh.
4/8/12 - This fan knows the golden rule - always use two hands
He looks about Moyer’s age, no?
4/7/12 - It's a bird ... It's a plane ... It's Halo Woman
Move over Albert, Super Halo Woman gives the Angels serious power.
4/7/12 - The "Easter Braunie" visits Miller Park
Anthony Beison of Burlington, WI, is ready for Easter in this pink and blue ensemble.
4/7/12 - So Fresh, So Clean
Omar Vizquel freshens up before the game against the Indians.
4/7/12 - Oh my goodness, that's David Price's music!
Rays pitcher has made his choice.
4/7/12 - Tatman started with a sign and a dream
D-backs fan Joe Cortez invented the nickname.
4/7/12 - Peace is brokered at Oakland tailgate
Who knew there were separate fractions of A's die-hards?
4/7/12 - Presenting the Oakland A's 2012 theme song
Banjo Man covers the King while wearing a cape.
4/7/12 - Joe Mauer is popular ... even in Baltimore
The iconic Twins catcher signs on Opening Day in Charm City.
4/7/12 - Winter promise leads to spring fling
20 years after throwing the first-ever pitch at Camden Yards, Rick Sutcliffe returned to Baltimore Friday for Opening Day.
4/7/12 - We bet this guy wasn't expecting to catch a HR tonight
Rick Edwards caught a massive homer by Yoenis Cespedes.
4/6/12 - Right foot on red may be painful
D-backs fans come in all shapes and board games.
4/6/12 - Whoa, ladies, take it easy
Clearly, these women enjoy a good double entendre at the ballpark.
4/6/12 - Mohawks, hot dogs go well together
This Orioles fan loads up on hot dogs on Opening Day at Camden Yards.
4/6/12 - You may recognize Tropicana Field's newest usher
Think J.P. Howell is pumped for Opening Day? Dude was spotted handing out magnetic schedules to Rays fans entering the Trop.
4/6/12 - He's not Dunn
Adam Dunn is off to a good start with this upper tank shot.
4/6/12 - Oriole Park gets the celebrity treatment
Who are you wearing on the Opening Day orange carpet?
4/6/12 - It wouldn't be Opening Day without a Jeter marriage proposal
Even in Tampa, Captain Jeet has plenty of not-so-secret admirers.
4/6/12 - You can now relive Game 162 from left field at the Trop
Park it right where Evan Longoria's walk-off landed for a timeline, photos, highlights and video interviews commemorating Game 162.
4/6/12 - Just a few Reds fans pumped up for Opening Day ...
The view of Cincinnati's Opening Day block party from atop the Reds Hall of Fame. Good luck getting a table at Johnny Rockets right now.
4/6/12 - Welcome to Woodflock!
Indians mascot Slider treats fans to a jam session.
4/5/12 - Meet the new boss ...
You may know him from such events as: Winning five NBA championships, winning three MVP awards, winning an NCAA Championship and owning a boatload of movie theaters.
4/5/12 - Bill Murray takes a home run sprint before first pitch at Wrigley
Not since Heath Bell's slide during last year's All-Star Game have we seen an entrance quite like this.
4/5/12 - Lawrie, Jimenez lead at Augusta
What's that? Ahhh, it was Paul Lawrie and Miguel Angel Jimenez atop the Masters leaderboard.
4/5/12 - Best Opening Day headgear: Phillie Phantic or Pirate Parrots?
The Pennsylvania mascot fuzzy hat rivalry is going strong on Opening Day.
4/5/12 - Clang Clang Clang went the Phillies Rally Trolley!
Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter and the Phantic grabbed a stylish ride to Citizens Bank Park this morning.
4/5/12 - Should new parks nod to the past or leap for the future?
Lance Berkman likes his ballparks nostalgic and his infields cheerleader-free. What do you think?
4/4/12 - Now we know why LeBron took his talents here
The Clevelander at Marlins Park looks like quite a good time.
4/4/12 - John Buck may enjoy partying in the city where the heat is on
At least, we assume he does based on the custom air-brushed Miami skyline on his new catchers helmet.
4/4/12 - Good luck finding another ballpark with an homage to Luis Castillo
Miami's new yard has plenty of nods to the two-time World Champion Florida Marlins.
4/4/12 - How does a mascot tune up for Opening Day?
With the Giants closing out their exhibition schedule today against the A's, Lou Seal honed his photo-posing skills one last time.
4/4/12 - In case you forgot about Dan Johnson's homer in Game 162 ...
You'll now get a big, white reminder every time the camera pans the Trop's right field seats.
4/4/12 - Josh Outman throws out his oblique while throwing up
The Rockies reliever was placed on the DL yesterday due to a food poisoning-induced muscle strain.
4/4/12 - Eat VottO's, gaze at this beautiful portrait of Joey Votto...
The Reds first baseman unveiled his new cereal -- VottO's, obvs -- yesterday in Cincinnati. Also unveiled: A watercolor portrait of Joey Votto.
4/4/12 - We're pickin' up good vibrations ...
The Beach Boys and Dodgers' partnership has us giddy.
4/4/12 - Dodger Dog, anyone?
Actress Eva Longoria can't wait to get her hands on some ballpark food at Dodger Stadium.
4/4/12 - You think we're ready for Opening Day?
Players tweet their excitement for one of baseball's greatest holidays.
4/3/12 - Finally, you can now Fly the Beard
Virgin America's newest plane has some familiar facial hair.
4/3/12 - Home, Jeeves!
Cliff Lee gives fans a ride to the gate at Citizens Bank Park.
4/3/12 - Seriously, can we have an all-MLB American Idol already?
Jimmy Rollins serenades a young fan on his birthday.
4/2/12 - Dodge this, catcher!
Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia plays dodgeball with 5th Graders ...
4/1/12 - Lance Berkman is quite the jokester
Big Puma gives away Wainwright's truck.
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