5/31/12 - Mariners' Iwakuma records save ... in 21-8 game
Iwakuma gets an unconventional save in Seattle's blowout of Texas.
5/27/12 - Impostor! Miniature Mariner Moose on the loose
Mariner Moose, Jr. roamed the Safeco Field concourse on Saturday.
5/26/12 - Gaylord Perry throws out ceremonial first pitch
Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry, who spent two seasons with the Mariners, did the honors Friday night.
5/26/12 - Stadium Power Tour visits Seattle
The softball Stadium Power Tour makes a stop at Safeco field
5/25/12 - On this day: Big deal for Big Unit
On May 25, 1989, Randy Johnson was traded to the Mariners.
5/25/12 - The Mariner Moose is livin' the High Life
Miller High life personality made a guest appearance at the Mariners game on Thursday.
5/22/12 - Hey, kid, John Jaso is going to give that ball back to you, OK?
Toddler is not happy when Dad takes his baseball away for John Jaso to sign. Hey, baby, this is a good thing.
5/20/12 - Mariners fan in Colorado has her own sign language
Mariners fan in Colorado brings her own creativity to the ballpark.
5/20/12 - Mission complete: Father-son duo visit every MLB ballpark
The threesome completed their adventure Friday at Coors Field.
5/9/12 - Mariners relievers on their way to school ... or the bullpen
First-year Mariners relievers don colorful backpacks for their walk to the 'pen.
5/9/12 - OK, but we will put you on the Internet
Fans will put just about anything on a sign to get attention.
5/8/12 - Miss Washington throws out ceremonial first pitch
Miss Washington was at Safeco Field on Monday, and she showed off her arm for the crowd.
5/6/12 - Can you tell me how to get to, Safeco Field?
Elmo appeared at Safeco Field on Sunday to promote Sesame Street live.
5/6/12 - FAIR or FOUL? The Moose Man's got style
George King is one dedicated Mariners fan.
5/5/12 - Pearl of a Jam: McCready plays anthem in Seattle
Pearl Jam guitarist plays National Anthem at Friday's Mariners game.
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