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Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp

Featuring the 45th Anniversary Reunion of the 1968 World Series Champions

Fantasy Camp Testimonials

Mr. Norm Carson, 14-year Fantasy Camper
"Meeting all of the former Tigers is great. I've enjoyed Fantasy Camp for the past 14 years."
"It was great going to Fantasy Camper's night at Tiger Stadium, and it's great going now to Comerica Park."

Mr. Bob Bilke, 8-year Fantasy Camper
"I come back because of the strong bonds of love and respect that have been built between all the other Campers and myself."
"It's a great opportunity to make and socialize with good friends."

Mr. Gary Kushner, 16-year Fantasy Camper
"I like everything about Fantasy Camp!"
"The camaraderie between the campers and former Tigers was outstanding. I made lifelong friends."
"You get to be a kid all over again."

Mrs. Deana Carr, 10-year Fantasy Camper
"I've been to so many Fantasy Camps, I can't possibly list all the great things I've experienced."
"It started out as a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but after the first day I knew that I would be coming back."
"It was great meeting the former Tigers and other Tigers fans as passionate about the team as myself."

Mr. Bowen Broock, 2-year Fantasy Camper
"This is a great opportunity to be with other people who really enjoy baseball. The competition, camaraderie and chance to wrap elbows with some of the Tigers are great."
"Kangaroo Court should not be missed."

Mr. Tom Acklin, 25-year Fantasy Camper
"The friendships created at Fantasy Camp are priceless. I've known some for over 20 years, and we're still playing ball."
"What started as being a one-time Camp became something for life."
"This is great incentive to stay in shape, just knowing that I will be playing baseball motivates me year around."
"I look forward to returning!"