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Outfield Experience

Food and Beverage

Rivals Sports Bar
Rivals Sports Bar, located just beyond the stadium's signature fountains in right field, boasts one of the best vantage points in the New K. The 150-seat restaurant offers a full menu of food and beverages, including items such as The True KC cheese steak sandwich, Shredded Southern BBQ pork sandwich and malt shop banana splits. Rivals Sports Bar will be open for each of the Royals 81 home games on a first-come, first-served basis to any fan with a game ticket. In addition, fans may reserve a table ahead of time by purchasing a Rivals Front Row Seating table package.
Stroud's Chicken
NEW IN 2010! Stroud's Chicken is connected to the Royals Hall of Fame building in left field, tying together two true Kansas City traditions with the Royals Hall of Fame and Stroud's restaurants. Stroud's Kauffman Stadium menu includes famous two-piece chicken dinner, fried and grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers and buffalo wings. In addition, Stroud's world-famous cinnamon rolls are available with the dinners as well as a la carte. Stroud's was established in 1933 at the now-defunct 85th and Troost location and since then, has received many national awards such as the James Beard Award for Excellence and the Zagat Award for Best Restaurant. Stroud's has also been featured in National and International publications including Wall Street Journal, Gourmet Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Esquire, Bon Appetit and Condé Nast. Stroud's operates two Kansas City locations at Oak Ridge Manor in Kansas City, Mo., and Stroud's South in Fairway, Kan.
Sheridan's Frozen Custard
The Sheridan's Signature Store at The New K is the only frozen custard store to operate in a professional sports venue in the country. Fresh frozen custard is made every game with the store serving Royals fans everything from traditional favorites like concretes and smoothies to giant, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate and more. Royals fans are invited to warm up or cool down with Sheridan's, no matter what time of the baseball season it is.
Royals All-Star Barbeque
It wouldn't be a Kansas City day without a little barbeque! Stop by the Royals All-Star Barbeque for a full menu of our favorites and don't worry about missing any of the action on the field. We installed a large flat-screen television in the picnic area.
The outfield experience will have three concession stands for your enjoyment. Look for Sluggerrr's Training Table located across from the Carousel, featuring a kids' menu for smaller appetites.