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Gallery Exhibits

The Royals Hall of Fame gallery exhibits include the 'crown jewels' of Royals memorabilia. From George Brett's pine tar bat to the retired numbers of Brett, Dick Howser and Frank White, vintage items fill this 7,000-square-foot two-floor masterpiece.

Clubhouse Lobby

Retired Numbers: Three Royals have been honored with retired numbers: 10-Dick Howser (1987), 5-George Brett (1994) and 20-Frank White (1995). Their jerseys and stories greet each visitor in the Royals Hall of Fame Clubhouse Lobby.

Ash Wood Wall: Trace the history of professional baseball in Kansas City from its very beginning in 1884 on the 17 foot tall and 67 foot wide Ash Wood Wall. Images and headlines tell the story of the eight teams to call Kansas City home.

Predecessor Teams Panels: What team was Kansas City's first? What team name sprang from their unique uniform? Which club had a mule for a mascot and a rabbit as a ball boy? Who did Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle, Satchel Paige, and Billy Hamilton play for? All those answers and more. More »

Royals Dugout Theatre

Move from the clubhouse, down the tunnel and into the Royals Dugout for a trip through Kansas City baseball history. The legendary Buck O'Neil guides you through a 15-minute award-winning film, putting you right on the field with the sight and sounds of the game. More »

A New Franchise

Kansas City has had a hometown baseball team every year since 1884 -- except for 1968. Find out why. When Charlie Finley moved the A's west to Oakland, Kansas City leaders had to put together a plan to bring baseball back. Find out how they did it. More »

Ewing Kauffman

Ewing Kauffman's life was an all-American tale and his success was a great Kansas City story. The Royals founder brought baseball back to his hometown, but that is just one part of his legacy. Learn more about his life and philosophy in Mr. K's own words. More »

Franchise Vision

Founders Ewing and Muriel Kauffman believed the franchise belonged not to them but to the community. That spirit inspired the selection of the team's name, logo and more. So where did the name Royals come from? The answer can be found right here. More »

The Royals Way

Here you can get a full perspective of the importance placed on player acquisition and development both at the Royals founding and through to the current day. Follow the path of a Royals prospect from the rookie leagues all the way to Kansas City. More »

The Royals Baseball Academy

The Royals Baseball Academy is one of the least known but influential baseball stories of the late 20th century. New ways of teaching and understanding the game succeeded in developing talent. Find out who it graduated and the lasting mark it made on the game. More »


The Royals have called two ballparks home -- both with an interesting place in Kansas City history. Municipal Stadium's half-century included great players, many teams and unique events. Royals Stadium set a new standard which Kauffman Stadium continues.

'Design Your Own Ballpark' presented by Populous

Here's your chance to be a ballpark architect. This one-of-a-kind interactive lets you make stadium and field design decisions. Move the fences in or out, add another scoreboard and more -- you decide. Plus email a picture of your park anywhere. More »

Royals Timeline

It always begins in 1969 and leads to today. The featured events may change but you can learn many of the greatest and most interesting details. What rookie led the original Royals? no-hitters? Cy Young winners? Through artifacts and video you're in the know. More »

Ballpark Fun

"Nothing beats fun at the old ballpark." That's been true here in Kansas City for a long time, from unique promotions and special events to the creative passion of fans themselves. Plus a full roster of Royals bobbleheads -- how many can you name? More »

Royals Hall of Fame Bobblehead Gallery

Cooperstown Corner

See how many members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame have a tie to Kansas City (hint it's a lot). Plus discover the interesting evolution of baseball's basic equipment: the bat, the glove, and the baseball. These touch and feel exhibits put history in your hands. More »


Baseball and radio have been a great combination for decades and that's been true here in Kansas City. Denny Matthews has called Royals games from the very start. Find out how he got the job and the story of his long-time broadcast partner Fred White.

'You Call The Play' Broadcast Interactive

Everyone fan has thought about how they would call the big play. Here you get that chance. Choose from six calls in Royals history, get some tips from the professionals and then take over the airwaves. Plus you can email your moment behind the mic anywhere. More »

Crowning Moments

Celebrate memorable players, great teams and championships here. George Brett and Frank White's career are highlighted in detail. Learn the stories behind Kansas City's championship teams with an in-depth review of the 1985 World Series champions. More »

Royals Hall of Fame Plaque Gallery

The Royals Hall of Fame was established in 1986 to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals both on the field and off who have made exceptional contributions to Kansas City Royals baseball. The enshrinement plaque for each inductee is on display here. More »