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2001 All-Star Game
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2001 All-Star Game

My day at the ballpark

By D.J. Drysdale

D.J. interviews Futures players
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Today started out by getting to the field early in the morning. We set our stuff down and headed to the field to get started. The first person I interviewed was Ryan Ludwick. His older brother is former big league pitcher. Ryan's current team is the Midland Rockhounds. He is in the Texas League (AA). He is a member of the Oakland Athletics organization. I wasn't sure what to say to him at first, but once we started talking the questions came pretty easy. Like all the players, Ryan was real excited to be here.

Then I talked to Jason Young. He led the NCAA Division 1 in strikeouts as a Stanford as a sophomore and started the College World Series as a junior in 2000. Young's currently playing for the Salem Avalanche. He is in the Carolina League (A). His organization is the Colorado Rockies. Jason's about two years away from the big leagues. I can't wait to see him pitch for Colorado.

Next I spoke to Toby Hall. He is a member of the Durham Bulls. He is currently in the International League (AAA). The Major League Baseball team he plays for is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was great when Toby hit a home run in the game.

D.J. Drysdale poses with Sean Burroughs of the Portland Beavers.
Then I had a chance to speak with Sean Burroughs. Sean is a member of the Portland Beavers. He is in the Pacific Coast League (AAA). Sean was part of the 2000 US Olympic gold medal team. He also won the Little League World Series championship back to back when he was little. His dad was the coach of the team both years. No American little league team has won the Little League World Series back to back. Sean's father Jeff was the American League MVP in 1974 for the Texas Rangers. I asked Sean since he has won back to back Little League World Series championships and a gold medal what's next? "A World Series ring would be nice," he replied.

Sean is from Southern California and I can relate to him because, like me, he has a famous dad and he seems to handle the expectations that comes with having a well-known last name.

Last I spoke with Chase Utley. He is a member of the Clearwater Phillies. Chase is in the Florida State League (A). Chase came out of UCLA He was drafted in the top 10 in the first round of the 2000 Draft. Chase is from the same area I was first raised in, Pasadena. He was real nice and as an A-ball player, he was very proud to take part in the game. I cheered for Chase when he hit a home run right after Toby Hall.

It was a cool first day in Seattle. After I met with some of the stars of the future I got to watch a lot of stars from the past like Keith Hernandez, Ozzie Smith and Don Mattingly play in a softball game with celebrities like Meat Loaf, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and softball star Lisa Fernandez, who tried to bean Meat Loaf. That was cool.

Tomorrow we will be real busy with media interviews with the All-Stars and the Home Run Hitting Contest. Until later.

-- D.J.

D.J. Drysdale is the Kid Reporter for during All-Star week.

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