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2001 All-Star Game
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2001 All-Star Game

Talking to the stars

By D.J. Drysdale

D.J. at Media Availability
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D.J. on the field during BP
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Today started off by going to the hotel again. Then we went to the Sheraton Hotel to find out the starting lineups and interview some of the American and National League All-Stars. When we got there I got to interview Bobby Valentine, the National League manager. It was really great to interview Bobby. I asked him if he was going to give Cliff Floyd a hug. "I probably will or I'll give him a high five," Bobby told me.

Next we went in to see the starting lineups for the All-Star teams. After that I had a chance to interview a lot of the American League players. First I had a chance to talk to Troy Percival. He was a real neat guy. He said, "maybe that they can kick it into high gear and win the Wild Card."

Next I was able to speak with Troy Glaus. He will be participating in the Home Run Derby. Then I spoke with one of the hometown guys, Freddy Garcia. He was very excited to be here for the All-Star Game. After that I talked to Christian Guzman of the Minnesota Twins. He has 13 triples on the year. Last for the American League I spoke with Jason Giambi. Jason was the AL MVP last year. He is also going to be in the Home Run Derby.

D.J. Drysdale poses with Mets catcher Mike Piazza.
Next I spoke with the National League All-Stars. First I spoke with Randy Johnson. He was very excited to be back in Seattle. Then I had a chance to speak with Mike Piazza. I asked him about his hair. He said, "It's just for fun."

Then I went over and spoke with Chan Ho Park of the Dodgers. He was so thrilled to be here that he could not go to sleep last night. Then I went to talk with Mike Hampton. He said that he has been swinging harder this year. That is why he is hitting all of the home runs.

Next I went over to Jeff Shaw's booth. He said that young kids should not be throwing curveballs for a while. Jeff didn't start throwing a curveball until he was 21 years old. Rick Reed was hurt so Cliff Floyd took his spot on the All-Star team. Rick said he started throwing a curveball when he was a junior in high school. Last I spoke with Sean Casey of the Reds. He said it was tough to play the first half without Griffey.

Then we went over to the ballpark for the Home Run Derby. There I got a great chance to talk with Tony Gwynn. He said he was glad to be here even though he is not playing. Last I got a chance to interview with the American League manager Joe Torre. He said he was glad to be here for the fifth time in a row. That was all I got to do today but it was great. Tomorrow I get to interview Dale Earnhardt Jr.

-- D.J.

D.J. Drysdale is the Kid Reporter for during All-Star week.

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