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Pitch, Hit & Run


The kids had a blast! By far the smiles on their faces say it all! The kids from around here are small town (900 pop.) and this was so much fun to host for them. The parents kept thanking us for the opportunity. It is a great feeling to see the excitement in the kids' faces and hear it in their voices ... FUN! FUN! FUN!

-- Owens Sports Complex
Gore, OK

We at Central Springfield LL have just completed a wonderful Pitch Hit & Run and we certainly thank you for the opportunity to host such a well organized event. During the planning stage I assured my colleagues that you had done this thousands of times and it would come well planned out, thank you for making me look so smart!

-- Central Springfield Little League
Springfield, VA

What a success! We had a great day today -- thankfully the weather was on our side. We had over 250 participants today and everyone had a great time. Next year we're going to break the record of participants, I'm telling you!

-- Hauppauge Little League
Hauppauge, NY

We had a great time and the kids loved the event. We're looking forward to running one again next year and hope to have even more competitors since the word is out.

-- Cleona Baseball Association
Cleona, PA

Thanks for all your help. We had a great first time turnout for the Pitch, Hit & Run. Plan on us participating again next year with this. We are planning on making this bigger and better and incorporating it with Little League as part of its program. Good Luck the rest of the way and look forward to doing this again in '07.

-- Branford Recreation Department
Branford, CT

We have received so many compliments from our community as well as those who participated in Sectionals. I wonder if your organization realizes what a great asset this event is to the community. I am very interested in hosting both local and sectionals again next year. Now that the initial event has been held I am seeing a lot more interest among (league) organizers and other youth leaders about future events.

-- Turner Moving & Storage
Napa, CA

I enjoy this event as it's a lot of fun, and it's great to see the kids have a good time.

-- Peninsula Jaycees
Hampton, VA

Thanks for your help. And FYI, we will be inviting our overall winners from each age group to our game on June 23rd for a recognition ceremony. We're sending them and their families tickets to the game and the 4 winners will be throwing out a first pitch that day. We feel like the event was very successful. Very glad to have been able to host. Thanks again for all your help.

-- Tacoma Rainiers
Tacoma, WA

Thanks ... I went ahead and registered! I just have to tell you one more time how very much our kids enjoyed this and I would anticipate that now that the word has gotten out, it will just be bigger and better next year!

-- Plano Baseball Association
Plano, TX