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07/06/2009 2:15 PM ET
Seattle Mariners classic TV commercials
First of two DVD giveaways is Friday, July 10, the second is August 28. Fans can own all 100 of the commercials produced since 1994
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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Baseball is a game of milestones, whether it is 300 wins, 3,000 hits, or 500 home runs. This season, the Mariners marked a unique milestone with the 100th commercial produced with the creative talents of Jim Copacino.

In celebration, Mariners fans have a chance to take home a pair of limited edition commemorative DVDs with all 100 commercials produced between 1994-2009.

On Friday, July 10, the first 20,000 fans will receive DVDs with the first 50 classic Mariners TV commercials, courtesy of FSN. The second DVD, with the remaining 50 commercials, will be given away on Friday, August 28. Friday's game, vs. the Texas Rangers, is a 7:10pm start. Good ticket locations for the game are still available.

Take Home All 100 Commercials

Over the years the Mariners TV commercials have received awards and recognition for presenting the lighter side of Mariners Baseball. Classics include Lou Piniella as a therapist, Edgar Martinez inventing his own version of "The Clapper" to operate the ballpark lights, Jamie Moyer's imported radar gun (Ooh la la!), the glare from Jay Buhner's bald head blinding an opposing batter, and a fiendish plan to clone Ken Griffey Jr.

Highlights of the Volume 1 DVD include a look at what Edgar does between at-bats, what happens during a mound meeting and a look at late night batting practice at Safeco Field.

Every Mariners TV campaign since 1994 is the result of the talents of Jim Copacino and the creative team at his Seattle-based ad agency, now known as Copacino+Fujikado. Production is by Blue Goose Films of Mercer Island.

Seattle Mariners TV Commercials Fun Facts

The first player-based commercials in this current series were made in 1994 and featured Lou Piniella, Chris Bosio, Jay Buhner and Randy Johnson. With the completion of the 2009 campaign, 91 Major League players, managers and coaches have appeared in Mariners TV ads. Plus the Mariner Moose and Lenny the Latte!

The Top 10 Players (by number of commercials in which they appear)
  1. Dan Wilson – 14
  2. Jamie Moyer – 11
  3. Jay Buhner – 11
  4. Edgar Martinez – 10
  5. Lou Piniella – 9
  6. Ichiro Suzuki – 9
  7. Alex Rodriguez – 6
  8. Bret Boone – 5
  9. John Olerud – 5
  10. Kaz Sasaki – 5
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