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11/13/2009 2:25 PM ET
Mariners launch new online matchmaking service for sharing season tickets
Owners can find partners and manage ticket inventory with free online service
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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The Seattle Mariners are playing matchmaker for current and prospective season ticket holders and have streamlined the process of finding partners and sharing tickets with a free online service.

A new "Split Season Ticket" option is available for the 2010 season.  Owners who would like to share their existing season tickets create an account at  Ticket owners can then invite friends, family and business colleagues to join their group. 

People who are looking to buy can browse through the available accounts and find the location, price categories and dates that appeal to them. 

The system is also available to fans looking to buy new season tickets and share them with a group they form on their own or through the website's matching service.

All contact between ticket owners and prospective partners is through the website, making the transactions easy and secure.

Online Mariners Drafting Service
Once an account is established and partners are found, groups can divide up their tickets with an online draft.  The Mariners Drafting Service allows group members to conduct a virtual draft live with group members making their game selections in real-time, or a customizable automated draft in which the computer selects games based on participants' own rankings of preferred games.

Results of each draft are immediately available to all participants and can even be downloaded to a variety of calendar formats.  All group members have access to the draft results throughout the season making management of the tickets much easier.

Seattle Mariners season ticket accounts that already are split among multiple owners can use the free Mariners Drafting Service to better manage their existing account and partnership.  The service is available for 20, 40 and full season ticket packages.
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