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05/04/08 12:40 PM ET

Frustration boils over for McLaren

Mariners manager scolds team after fourth consecutive loss

NEW YORK -- A lot going was going through Mariners manager John McLaren's mind when he made the short walk from the visitors' dugout to the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium late Saturday afternoon.

It was cold outside, but he was hot inside.

The steam was figuratively coming out of his ears when he opened the clubhouse door, seething after another listless performance from his team during a 6-1 loss to the Yankees, Seattle's fourth straight.

It took a while for the entire team to arrive from the field.

The door closed, and moments later, one very loud voice could be heard by anyone standing within about 30 feet.

The Mariners' skipper didn't discuss the verbal barrage during Saturday's postgame media session, but he did talk about it prior to Sunday's series finale.

"I don't particularly like clubhouse meetings, but I felt I had something to say, and I said it," McLaren said. "I got something off my chest, and I did feel better [afterward].

"It was not something to make anyone look bad, or show someone up," McLaren added, "but I thought it was time. Enough was enough."

It wasn't until the final out of the game was made that McLaren decided that his team needed a tongue-lashing.

"I kept thinking that we were going to get it together, get a couple of guys on and have someone pop one," McLaren said. "But it never happened, and when I was walking in [after the game], I thought it was time to get the troops together and 'talk.' I didn't think about what I was going to say, and what came to mind came out."

The episode lasted just a few minutes, and the players listened.

"Everything he said, he hit the nail on the head, and he's absolutely right," left fielder Raul Ibanez said. "It's time for us to pick it up."

As for McLaren, he was feeling a little better on Sunday.

He went to dinner on Saturday night in Little Italy with his coaching staff, and they discussed ways of getting this underachieving team going.

Asked what he had for dinner, McLaren said, "A razor-blade sandwich."

Then, he turned serious.

"I'd be lying if said I didn't take it home with me, because of the nature of the job and what's at stake here," McLaren said. "We are trying to piece things together and get us playing the way we are capable of playing."

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