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New York Yankees Fantasy Camp Testimonials

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Yankees Fantasy Camp

New York Yankees Fantasy Camp Testimonials

Dear Camp Staff,

Thanks a million for a tremendous Fantasy Camp. I had a blast. So did my brother and niece. I'm overwhelmed by the experience, the impeccable treatment, the quality of the staff... it was all fantastic!

Abe Rosenberg

Dear Camp Staff,

Thank you and your staff for putting together a first class fantasy camp last week. My expectations for my first fantasy camp were exceeded. I am sure you hear this a great deal, but my lifelong dream of putting on a major league uniform was fulfilled. I felt that I was a real player by the way I was treated by the coaches, support staff and especially the training staff. Never did I experience anything but the utmost respect from any Yankee employee.

Thank you.

Art Warren

Dear Camp Staff,

There truly is a Santa!!! Although he might have arrived a bit late, he left an abundance of gifts, some tangible, however heavily weighted on the intangible....camaraderie, lasting memories and a true sense of what it means to be a Yankee. The "camp" Experience exceeded my expectations in EVERY way imaginable. Finally, having my son join me fulfilled the #1 spot on my "bucket list".


Art Levin

Dear Camp Staff,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you and the Yankees did during the recent Fantasy Camp. My brother and I had the time of our lives!!! It was one of the greatest weeks of my life. I appreciate everything that you did and the Yankee greats were absolutely wonderful.

I would like to send a letter to Mr. Steinbrenner thanking him for his hospitality. What would be a good address to use? The stadium in Florida?

Anyway, my brother and I are already talking about when our next fantasy camp will be!!

Thanks again,

Ken Leonard

Dear Camp Staff,

I wanted to let you know that I attended the January camp as a member of the Bats and I'm still not able to describe how great the experience was to my friends and family. This was a 50th birthday surprise from my wife and I have to say it was by far the best present I've ever received in my life. Mike Torrez and the entire staff of Legends were the nicest most accommodating guys in the world and I hope to come back someday and do it again.

Best regards,

Michael Cordaro

Dear Camp Staff,

Just wanted to thank you and Amy Sue and the rest of the staff over at the Fantasy Camp. My appreciation goes out to the staff...clubhouse tent staff and all on field operations. The coordination and scheduling was right on target.

I had a blast and wouldn't think twice about coming back again next year.

The entire experience was something I'll never forget. All I can say is everything was handled with the most professionalism, kindness and courtesy.

You really showed me as well as everyone else what it takes to play this game.


Neal Bloom

Dear Camp Staff,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in making the January Fantasy Camp one of the best experiences that I have ever had. My brother and I are still floating on air thinking about all the things that went on (and also going through withdrawal I might add). I am sure there was great deal of hard work put in by you and your colleagues to make certain that all of the details (big and small) were taken care of.

The week was everything we imagined it would be and so much more. From the clubhouse to the practice fields to Legends Field and all the events in between, it was really magical. The Legends players could not have been more friendly, engaging and supportive (could there be a nicer human being on the face of the planet that Al Downing?). In fact, I had to occasionally remind myself to take the field, as I could have just sat on the bench and listened to their stories all day!

Kudos to you and the rest of the Yankees organization for putting together a truly first class event (no surprise there I guess)! Already thinking about when we can get back and do it all again.

Thanks again for your efforts and I look forward to seeing you both again soon!

Best regards,