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Ballpark Guide

Since the Inaugural Game on July 15, 1999, Safeco Field has gained a reputation locally, regionally and nationally as a terrific setting for baseball and a great place for baseball fans. Sweeping views of Seattle's downtown skyline, breathtaking sunsets over Puget Sound, combined with excellent views of game action from all angles give fans at Safeco Field an experience unequalled in Major League Baseball.

  • Mariners FAQ

    Got questions? Check out these pages for answers.

  • Safeco Field History

    • history

    Learn the history of your Mariners ballpark.

  • Safeco Field Facts

    • Safeco Field Facts

    From its retractable roof to its ground rules, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Safeco Field.

  • ADA Information

    • Accessibility Information

    Safeco Field is accessible to everyone, with entry, parking, and seating options that cater to all of our fans.

  • Mariners Team Stores

    • Team Stores

    Get your Mariners Gear online and in Mariners Team Stores

  • Local Area Information

    • Local Area Information

    Get familiar with downtown Seattle with this list of local restaurants, hotels and other amenities.

  • Seattle Mariners Sustainability

    • Seattle Mariners Sustainability

    With a sincere and sustained commitment, the Seattle Mariners are working to significantly reduce our environmental impact.