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1st Equipment Donation

On April 14, children from TOPS @ Seward Elementary School in Seattle, WA. were invited to watch a Mariners home game, and new Nikon digital camera COOLPIX were presented by Mariners Infielder Kyle Seager.

Here are some comments from TOPS @ Seward Elementary School.

"Thank you. It was very exciting to be on the field."
(1st Grade)

"I can't wait to use the new camera! I'm going to take a picture of a Mariners running the bases!"
(2nd Grade)

"It was great meeting the players, being on the field, it was an experience I will never forget. It will also be good to use the cameras for our video production program."
(6th Grade)

"It was amazing. I loved going out and meeting Seager. Thank you so much Nikon."
(6th Grade)

"It was great to go on the field and be on camera. I really enjoyed meeting the player and holding the board on camera."
(8th Grade)

"Thank you! As a public school, we do not have funding for extra equipment and the school is very excited and appreciative. A wonderful experience for all 6 kids and parents. Lots of fun."