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4th Invitation to Safeco Field

On May 6, children from Snoqualmie Elementary School in Snoqualmie, WA. were invited to watch a Mariners home game.

Here are some comments from Snoqualmie Elementary School.

"I am having a very fun time."
(3rd Grade)

"I like baseball, thank you for giving us tickets."
(5th Grade)

"Let's go Mariners!"
(2nd Grade)

"The Mariners are my favorite team, I am having fun."
(4th Grade)

"I had fun seeing the players on the grass [during the Little League Parade].
(2ns Grade)

"This is a wonderful program to offer to students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to see a baseball game at Safeco Field. Thank you!"

"A beautiful afternoon for baseball in the northwest!"