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We unveiled the team's 2005 television campaign under the theme "Mariners Baseball; What a Show!" The campaign consists of seven commercials that features 19 players, three coaches, one former Mariner and the Mariner Moose in a setting that has been described as "a cross between the Home Shopping Network, an Infomercial, and Let's Make A Deal."

All seven commercials share the common setting of a parody of TV shopping channels-in this case, The Mariners Shopping Network. In each, Mariners players serve as hosts pitching products you can't get anywhere else. The "merchandise" includes everything from the Safeco Field batter's box to manager Mike Hargrove's pep talk.

We hope you enjoy this year's TV campaign and be sure to vote for your favorite commercial!

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The Cycle
Catcher Dan Wilson and pitcher Ryan Franklin are hosts for the "cycle" segment. The live studio audience is impressed with this great item-a player hitting a single, double, triple and home run in a single game. Mariners Hall of Famer Jay Buhner makes a cameo.
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The Tag
Dan Wilson is at it again, this time joined by outfielder Randy Winn, as they sell the ever-exciting "tag" at the plate. Catcher Miquel Olivo is their "man on the street" and demonstrates how the "tag" makes any play complete.
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Batter's Box
Oufielders Ichiro and Raul Ibañez proudly educate the audience on the Safeco Field "batter's box" and demonstrate how different hitters use the batter's box with different results.
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Long Ball
Newcomers Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson team up to sell the "long ball," which makes "scoring runs a snap."

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Three Pitches
Pitchers Jamie Moyer and Bobby Madritsch explain the wonders of the fastball, curveball and slider. As Moyer delivers the line, "operators are standing by," we cut to the bullpen to see relief pitchers Eddie Guardado, Ron Villone, Shigetoshi Hasegawa and J.J. Putz waiting for the phone to ring.

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The Balk
Pitchers Joel Piņeiro and Gil Meche struggle to sell the "balk," an often misunderstood baseball rule. Interest picks up when rookie outfielder Jeremy Reed wanders on stage holding a Mariners Memorables collectible statue.
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Pep Talk
Second baseman Brett Boone and coaches Bryan Price and Don Baylor sell the Mike Hargrove "pep talk" as a cure-all for the challenges one faces in everyday life.

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