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Watch the Mariners' 2003 TV ads

Bret Boone's trademark flip of the bat, the lengths opposing teams go to in their attempt to keep Ichiro off base, Casual Fridays at the ballpark, and a twist on the "SODO MOJO" tag line are featured in the Seattle Mariners' 2003 television ad campaign unveiled today. The campaign features appearances by 19 players, manager Bob Melvin, bench coach Rene Lachemann, pitching coach Bryan Price. Even General Manager Pat Gillick gets in on the action.

The tag line of the last two years, "SODO MOJO," is back in slightly updated form as "VIVA LA MOJO" ... translation: Long Live the MOJO.

"SODO MOJO has become identifiable over the last two years with the magic and fun of Mariners baseball at SAFECO Field, and we wanted to retain that feeling while giving the tag line a new twist for the new season," said Kevin Martinez, Mariners' Vice President Marketing.

As in years past, the 2003 Seattle Mariners ad campaign was created by Seattle ad agency COPACINO and filmed by Blue Goose Productions of Mercer Island.

Ichiro Shift
"Ichiro Shift" shows the lengths other teams will go to in order to try and keep the Mariners right fielder off base. In the commercial, the Oakland Athletics are seen positioning 15 players on the field in an attempt to foil Ichiro Suzuki's ability to "hit 'em where they ain't." Even the A's mascot, Stomper the elephant, is called onto the field in the futile effort.

"Intimidator," starring Arthur Rhodes, shows how an intimidating presence on the mound can be a relief pitcher's secret weapon.

Intimidator II
"Intimidator II," starring Kazuhiro Sasaki spotlights Kazu's ability to get the job done and close the deal in his own way.

"Casual" shows what happens when the Mariners try the relaxed work-place dress code. Pitchers Joel Pineiro and Freddy Garcia are seen warming up in the bullpen in Hawaiian print shirts and flip-flops, Edgar take batting practice in a jogging suit, and John Olerud takes infield in khaki slacks and a button down shirt. But true to form, the Mariner Moose takes the new policy too far.

In "Replacement," we learn that the manager isn't the only member of a baseball team who makes substitutions... The clubhouse guy forgets to order more sunflower seeds for the game, and goes to the back-up plan, Buffalo Wings with sauce, which results in a laundry day disaster.

Bob TV
New manager Bob Melvin makes his Mariners commercial debut in "Bob TV," in which the skipper talks back to two "armchair managers" watching the game at home who are second guessing Melvin's management decisions.

"Flip" highlights Bret Boone's trademark toss of the bat as he watches another home run sail out of the ballpark. We see Boonie use the same flip after raking leaves in the backyard, talking on the phone, brushing his teeth, and finally admiring a beautiful vase in Pat Gillick's office.

In "Nicknames," one of the new Mariners, Randy Winn, is subjected to the little-known process Mariners players go through to receive their nickname. As Mike Cameron, Jeff Nelson and Shigetoshi Hasegawa look on, a "nickname consultant" tries out such losers as "Winn Beneath My Wings" and "Winn, Lose or Draw." Teammates encourage Winn to give the consultant a chance because he's the creative genius who came up with such classic nicknames as Nellie, Cammy and Shiggy.