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Here it is! For the first time ever you can watch out all of the Mariners award-winning television commercials in one spot! Check out some of your favorites or maybe a few that you forgot about.

Each week leading up to the New Year we'll release one whole season of Mariners commercials starting with 1994. You can already view the 2003 and 2004 campaigns.
From Jay's crack at stand up comedy to Ichiro's special autograph delivery and all of Edgar's greatest performances in-between… they are all here!

Plus, you can also relive some of the memorable videos that were shown at Safeco Field this past season in the "Mariners Moments" section. We'll update this area every few weeks with new highlights and features.


Jay the Comedian
The '94 campaign takes a look at what would happen if the guys chose a different career path.

Carny Randy 350K
Lou the Therapist 350K
Dr. Bosio 350K

Junior's Bet
Dan introduces us to his closest friends from around the league, Buhner swings for the fences and Junior leaves Lou a little surprise.

New Lou 350K
Dan's Friends 350K
Edgar's BP 350K
Buhner On Deck! 350K
Joey & Alex 350K

Pie Drills
Mariners pitchers get in some BP, we find out what Edgar does between at bats and the team practices delivering pies to the face.

Pitchers' BP 350K
Mound Meeting 350K
Thinking 350K
Between At-Bats 350K
Buff Joey 350K
Sport's Shrink 350K

Killer Changeup
Jamie shows off his killer change up, Junior proves he can multi-task and Russ Davis dances badly.

The Brush 350K
All-Griffey Team 350K
Road Trip 350K
Edgar & The Rookies 350K
Players' Suggestions 350K
Bad Dancer 350K

Moose Nightmare
New ballpark means new tricks and we learn who Jamie rooms with on the road.

Grocery Shopping 350K
Roof Opener 350K
The Favor 350K
Hidden Shakespeare 350K
Blinded 350K
Anthem - Sky 350K
Anthem - Grass 350K

Kaz learns English the Mariners way, Oly and Edgar discuss their dirty laundry and Freddy meets Mary Tyler Moore.

English Lessons 350K
Telemarketer 350K
Grass Stains 350K
Lawn Relief 350K
The Freddy Show 350K

Marketing Guru
Dan & Jamie share a scary story, the Ichiro first name craze grips the team and the Marketing geniuses introduce the "Three Musketeers."

Behind the Mojo 350K Fan Favorite 350K
Scary Stories 350K
First Names 350K
Late Night BP 350K

Step Up
Booney tries out a new 'do, Ichiro shows why he's "The Wizard" and the 1906 Cubs lay down a challenge.

Radar Gun 350K
Meteor 350K
The Wizard 350K
The Challenge 350K
Edgar's Bat 350K
Spare Time 350K

Ichiro Shift
Ichiro causes the A's to shift their strategy, chicken wings become the new dugout snack and Booney flips.

Intimidator I 350K
Intimidator II 350K
Casual 350K
Bob TV 350K
Replacement 350K
Flip 350K
Nicknames 350K

Edgar shows off his new lighting scheme, Ichiro makes a special delivery and the squad adopts a new best friend.

Dog 350K
Autograph 350K
Card Game 350K
Translation 350K
Latte 350K
Advice 350K

2004 Retrospective
Relive some of the special moments from 2004. From new faces like Bucky and Bobby and old friends such as Edgar and Ichiro, it's all captued here. Originally aired on Fan Appreciation Night 10/1/04.

Edgar Tribute
Take a look back at the amazing career of Edgar Martinez. Originally aired on Edgar Day 10/2/04.

Ichiro 258
#1 through #258 and almost every hit in-between. Originally aired 10/1/04.

Buhner Hall of Fame
Jay became the third inductee into the Mariners Hall of Fame. Here's how he got there! Originally aired on Jay Buhner Night 8/24/04