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Ballpark Signage

Home Plate Rotational Signage

The Mariners most coveted television signage is the panel located directly behind home plate. This rotating 3' x 20' panel will put you right in the middle of the duel between pitcher and batter, and is in direct focus for 80% of television shots.

Homeplate Rotational Signage receives prominent exposure not just during Mariners local and regional telecasts on FOX Sports Northwest (*with a six state territory), but also on the visiting team's broadcast. During the past three seasons, high definition cameras also broadcasted all 81 home games back to Japan by NHK and SkyPerfect. In addition, the signage is visible during both local and national sports highlight shows (I.e. ESPN Baseball Tonight, CNN Sports Tonight).

The Sponsor name and/or logo may be positioned on the Homeplate Rotational Signage during one-half (1/2) inning of all non-network Mariners Home Games played at Safeco Field.

Power Alley Signage

Power Alley Signage (approximately 13' 6" x 7' 6") provides our Sponsors with tremendous exposure in the ballpark and on television due to its location at eye level between center and right field as well as its comparatively unique size and shape.

The Power Alley is also the focal point of between inning breaks as the Mariner Moose makes many on-field appearances from the Power Alley entrance to the field.

Outfield Wall Signage

Sponsors can advertise on the outfield wall at Safeco Field, which is a prominent location because of the visibility to fans as well as television and print media. It is the backdrop for many spectacular outfield plays during the season and can be seen as the backdrop on various television highlight shows including ESPN. Measuring 32' wide by 6' 6" tall, it has a sizeable presence in the ballpark.

Out-of-Town Scoreboard Signage

The Out-of-Town Scoreboard Signage is a permanent fixture at Safeco Field and provides Sponsor with constant visibility, not only for all Mariners Home Games, but also for other functions hosted at Safeco Field. Due to its location, this sign is also captured on local, national, and international televised games and highlight clips.

1st Baseline, 3rd Baseline and Right Field LED Signage

1st Baseline LED

The LED signs (each approximately 4' x 40') will provide sponsors with a great deal of exposure due to its location near the game information boards (speed of pitch, inning recap). Artwork will appear static during the inning and sponsors can use limited motion ads during inning breaks.

*The Seattle Mariners Home Territory includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska & Hawaii.