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Mariners Partnership Proposal

Since 1977, the Seattle Mariners have carved out a fan base as unique as the Pacific Northwest itself. More than 2 out of 3 adults in the Seattle DMA attend, watch, or listen to a Mariners game each season, and countless people from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and Japan came to Safeco Field to watch their favorite team "play ball."

The Mariners experience is for everyone, from youngsters at their first game to baseball historians. Game time at Safeco Field means coming together as a team cheering on a common goal: success, both on and off the field.

Sponsorship is an important aspect of reaching this goal. Through the years, corporate sponsors and the Seattle Mariners have teamed together in successful, mutually beneficial relationships. With a bright future ahead, the Seattle Mariners are looking forward to fostering this relationship


You hear the buzz everywhere. In coffee shops. On assembly lines. In boardrooms. Under umbrellas. No matter where you go in the Northwest, people talk about Mariners Baseball. According to ESPN, 91% of Washington state residents describe themselves as baseball fans vs. 71% nationwide.

We doubt that you have ever seen a region embrace a big league baseball team the way Washington, Oregon, Idaho,

Montana and Alaska have adopted the Mariners. Not just traditional male baseball fans, either. The Mariners draw from a full cross-section of the population-women, kids, families, young singles and seniors.

Walk down any street in Seattle (or Portland or Spokane or Anchorage) and you'll see Mariners posters in storefronts, Mariners stickers on cars and Mariners flags hanging from rooftops. It's a grassroots love affair that grows stronger every season.

A partnership with the Seattle Mariners is more than just a sports sponsorship. It's a direct tie to the heart and soul of the Northwest.

A team, a brand, a passion

Mariners Baseball isn't solely a product of on-field success. It's been carefully cultivated over the last ten years by an innovative ownership group. These enlightened businesspeople have invested in the community and in the team's image-creating strong loyalty between the ballclub and it's fans.

The Mariners CEO, Howard Lincoln, was head of Nintendo of America for years. Mr. Lincoln understands the power of branded entertainment-and it shows in the Mariners style of marketing, operations and fan relations.

The Mariners apply the disciplines of brand-building and customer relations management with great success. For example, the Mariners were the first big league team to have a Web site. The first team to introduce interactive wireless entertainment in its ballpark. The first team to organize international travel packages to its ballpark.

The Mariners organization continually innovates and reaches out to fans and communities-bringing the product to the people.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Mariners organization has cultivated loyal and enthusiastic support, because it has always put fans first.

  • The Mariners game experience is renowned throughout the sports industry: with exciting scoreboard games, great food, attractions, and creative promotions.(Ask us about "Barry White Night" and "Buhner Buzz Night".) Every game is its own event-at the park, on TV and over the radio. It's entertainment that never feels stale.
  • Safeco Field is one of the most attractive ballparks in baseball-and the Mariners continue to improve and invest in the facility.
  • The Mariners are active community partners, with dozens of programs that benefit kids, seniors and families throughout the Northwest. Players and front-office staff give their time generously to dozens of good causes.
  • The Mariners may be the most innovative marketers in pro sports. The team's promotional campaigns win annual awards. Baseball Weekly rated the Mariners ad campaign "the best in baseball." Major League Baseball recently honored the Mariners with the award for the season's best promotion. The organization has won several KEPA awards for outstanding special events. And the Mariners were named "Organization of the Year" by MLB in 2001.
  • The Mariners management team has experience and continuity. The key Vice Presidents and Directors are vested veterans who know their stuff.

Companies that have invested in Mariners Baseball: Microsoft, AT&T Wireless, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Nikon, Washington Mutual and Virginia Mason Medical Center, to name a few, have enjoyed a strong Return On Investment. Perhaps it's time for you to join the club.

Discover Mariners Baseball and see how your brand can benefit from a partnership with ours.