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Mariners GroupManager

Online Group Ticket Program

Planning group outings at Safeco Field for your employees or members is easier than ever with the GroupManager program. Whether your group is located in the same building or spread across the region, with just a few clicks, they can respond to an offer to enjoy Mariners Baseball at Safeco Field. Group members can select seats and receive their tickets electronically for printing onsite. No waiting for tickets at Will Call or to arrive in the mail. A minimum of 100 tickets must be guaranteed in order to take advantage of the Group Manager program. Here's how to get started:

Establish Your Group Offer
Work with a Mariners Representative to select the game and seating level for your group outing. Each offer may include multiple games and multiple seating levels. Seats will be held on an account for the group.

Select Type of Group Manager
GroupManager caters to large groups such as businesses and corporations, as well as to smaller groups like scout and church groups. It can be used to set up an offer that is restricted to just guests whose email addresses contain the company's domain name (""). It can also serve smaller groups that don't share a common e-mail domain name by setting up a promotion code to access the group offer.

Option 1: All group members share the same e-mail domain (eg:

Option 2: Group members must enter a promo code to access the group offer.

Invite Your Group
A Mariners Representative will provide you with a link to place on your group's internal website or to include in an e-mail newsletter. Group members click on the link and they're ready to select tickets.

Enjoy the Game
A Mariners Representative will monitor the progress of your group event. If the inventory gets low, they can add new inventory or alert the group that it is close to selling out. And, since the tickets are delivered via e-mail, ticket ordering deadlines can, in most cases, be closer to the game date, ensuring more participation from your group.
Without spending hours of administrative time to collect orders and pass out tickets, you can sit back and truly enjoy the game!